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GoldBet awarded with G4 accreditation for responsible gaming

GoldBet awarded with G4 accreditation for responsible gaming

GoldBet, subsidiary company of Gamenet Group leader in the betting and online gaming sectors, receives the prestigious G4 accreditation for its online gaming platform This is an important international recognition, which testifies to the commitment of GoldBet and the entire Gamenet Group in promoting responsible gaming, combating problem gambling and protecting players.

Developed by the Global Gambling Guidance Group, the G4 accreditation program is a world reference in the correct application of best practices related to responsible gaming according to globally accepted standards and protocols.

GoldBet has been awarded the accreditation following and audit that verified the existence and effective adoption of tools, policies and procedures aimed at ensuring the highest level of safety and protection for both customers and for employees. An extensive series of parameters were assessed, including, for example, the effectiveness of checks relating to the age of the players, the existence of mechanisms to self-limit spending and to self-exclude from playing for a fixed or indefinite period, the existence of clear references to contact for help in case of need, the actual training received by the staff and, in particular, by the operators in close contact with customers. 

“I am proud of this important result”, said Alessandro Allara, Chief Digital Officer of Gamenet Group. “The G4 Certification is normally a point of arrival for companies in the sector. In this case it represents a starting point: first of all, considering that our platform was released very recently and also because the GoldBet brand is constantly evolving. We believe that our commitment to promoting a responsible and conscious approach to gaming is the prerequisite for building a solid business and sustainable growth. We will deploy every resource to ensure the highest level of safety and protection for players in full compliance with the regulations, with particular regard to the protection of minors and the prevention of compulsive gambling: we will do it with a path that will lead us to explore innovative scenarios in the field of Responsible Gambling ".

"The G4 certification", Allara concluded, "is the best confirmation of the seriousness and professionalism with which we carry out our work and encourages us to do better and better to maintain the confidence of players, stakeholders and institutions".

"We are very pleased that has achieved G4 certification and is now part of the small but very important group of proactive operators in Italy that has achieved this", said Pieter Remmers, Chairman of the G4 Board. "G4 is looking forward to a longstanding cooperation with the Gamenet Group to keep the Responsible Gambling standards on a high level and work on further improvements".


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